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Trees should be kept in good shape and assessed for stability in delicate populated areas.

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Stump Removal
We have the right equipment to make this process both a quick and tidy operation.

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Looking after your hedge's not only looks great, it's good for the trees too.

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Cable bracing and rod bracing can be carried out in certain circumstances when removal of the damaged branch or part would reduce the aesthetic value of the tree.

Pruning work is usually carried out to alleviate weight in branches then bracing can be installed.

Cables are placed to provide support to weak limbs. Rods can be inserted in weak fork unions usually in conjunction with cables higher in the crown.

Various different materials are employed to carry out bracing work and when the situation allows non-invasive methods are primarily used.

All trees require a thorough risk assessment before any bracing work is carried out as bracing is no substitute when the safety of the tree is in question.

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